Sample Preparation Requirements

Because samples should reflect the total batch/lot, standard sampling methods must be applied with consistency.

Health Canada has not yet published any sampling instructions or recommendations. Suitable protocols for sample collection can be found here for plant matter and flower and here for concentrates and edibles.

Place the sample inside an appropriate specimen container, i.e. clean Falcon tube (50mL) or a sterile static shielding bag’ e.g., Whirpak®. Place the first container into secondary container i.e. padded bag for extra protection.

Use a permanent marker or printed label to identify the sample(s) ensuring the sample information is clearly legible on each container.

Label each sample individually.
Please note:

Complete the information on the Sample Submission Form and include:

Once the sample(s) have been collected and all of the information for your sample package has been created,  submit the completed form and a copy of your
Health Canada Licence (if applicable) along with your sample to our laboratory.

Please refer to Canada Post’s instructions on shipping methods and how to prepare the package for shipping.

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Please note that remaining test materials will be destroyed and not be returned to clients.