Our Mission

Salvation Bioscience strives to become the first choice in cannabis analytical testing in Canada by providing scientific expertise and a commitment to our customers' success through an efficient and consultative approach.

About Us

Cannabis is a complex substance containing multiple cannabinoids and other compounds. Salvation Bioscience is one of a small group of pioneers of cannabis analytics in Canada. As our laboratory gained momentum; new requirements emerged and better functionalities were implemented, tested and made available to our clients.

Our clients demand a higher standard of testing; we provide uncompromising cannabis analytics, without exception.

Salvation operates one of the first Health Canada fully licensed Analytics Laboratories in Canada, dedicated to testing cannabis and derivative products. We specialize quality control of cannabis and derivative products with medicinal and nutraceutical properties.

Analytical testing must be conducted by an authorized licensed dealer under the Narcotic Control Regulations.

Salvation is also licensed by Health Canada as a Cannabis Testing Laboratory under the Cannabis Regulations.

Dedicated to the science of cannabis, we follow strict disciplines in every step of our analytical testing to satisfy both Health Canada and the discerning client.

Salvation BioScience has independently developed industry leading protocols and methods. We are licensed by Health Canada to conduct Analytical Testing of Cannabis.

Proven Scientific methods and technology form the cornerstone of all operations in our specialized cannabis testing laboratory that provides the quality control needed to evaluate Cannabis plants, identify potentially harmful substances and pinpoint the potency of plants and cannabis derivative products.